Organized Entry

We have a very open front entry.  The door coming from the garage is very close to the front entry door so we don’t have a mud room, you come in from the garage right into the front of the house, and what do people do when they come in from the garage???  They DUMP!  Shoes, seasonal clothing, paperwork, backpacks, more shoes, more paperwork.  I have been working for the last year to make it easier to solve this problem.  Mind you, those items won’t find their place by themselves, but with a little effort, training, and having a place for these things, it makes it look nicer and is easier to clean.  I had another bench here, witch is in the pictures of how I made both.  So this ‘shoe bench’ has evolved from our old coffee table to a new, cheap $6.00 coffee table I found at Good Will.  I almost passed it up, but it was soooo cute, I just knew I needed it!  It was out in the garage for a while and then I moved the first bench to the end of our bed, and painted this little table and put it in this spot.  I was disappointed that I had to loose a basket underneath, but…it fits much, much better.  My solution, which I’m still on the look out for is a tall basket that my husbands very large shoes can fit in.  He has dress shoes, inside shoes, church shoes, and they NEVER find their way to our bedroom closet, upstairs.  My entry closet is narrow and has become an extended pantry and we always take our shoes off at the door, I don’t think they would make it even if we made it the ‘shoe home’.  So, I am very pleased with this.  I want to add a couple more pillows but it will do for now.

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How I Made This…
-an inexpensive coffee table,
-Kilz and white spray paint (the price would be a lot less if I used regular paint but I was impatient and I didn’t worry about painting the underneath as well as the parts that you can see),
cheap particle board, already had this but you can get your Lowes to cut if for you in the dimension you need,
-painter’s drop cloth (this is the fabric I used)
-foam topper, got it at Wal-Mart for $10.00-durning going back to school season,
-button kit (Wal-Mart).  If you have never tufted, that is the buttons that make it look puffy; you will need to buy upholstery needles (I won’t tell you how many times it took me to get ‘upholstery’ spelled correctly!) and upholstery thread (got mine at Hobby Lobby a while back),
-can of repositionable glue/sticky spray (Lowes),
-staple gun (already had),
-scotch guard
-hot glue gun and glue

1. I painted the table (didn’t sand, just wiped off good)
2. cut my wood and drilled the 3 holes for the buttons.  I’m not a good math person so I started with the middle, then added so many inches on each side from the middle.
3. Sprayed the repositionable glue (you don’t need this but it helped) I used the whole twin mattress topper.  I got 2 layers and had to cut and piece together the 3rd, use this on the bottom then. I spread out the drop cloth/fabric and placed a layer of batting, you know the stuff you use for quilting, then carefully turned the wood with the cushion positioned on it over in the middle, made sure I would have enough fabric for each side and made sure the cushioning was in place  and pulled over and started stapling.  I don’t know how to do corners, I just played around with them to get them to look good.
4. Then I did the ‘make your own buttons kit, but the fabric was too thick so I used the form to get the fabric to lay down and used my hot glued gun.  I used the upholstery needle to pull the fabric down then used my glued gun again to glue the buttons in place.
5. I put the finished cushion on top, didn’t glue it down or anything, it stays pretty good.
6. I also used scotch guard before I put it on.

I didn’t’ need to add a shelf to the bottom, I could have easily, just get wood cut to size and paint.  My baskets fit just right with the little bar that goes across. Here is the first coffee table, you can see how it sticks out…it did look pretty and was a huge help in keeping organized, but the smaller one works better.  The longer one would have worked, but there is a part of the wall that sticks out.

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