Free Garage Sale Picture = Awesome Decor

So, last summer my son and I stopped by a garage sale and they had this free sign of this picture.  The corner was broken off, didn’t get a pic of it but where you see the white putty in the pic is where it was broken.  I just knew there was something I could do to fix it.  So….for free, OH YA!  I took on the challenge.  I used what I had on hand:  Elmer’s putty you use to fill in holes.





I gooped (spell checker said that’s not a word, but that’s what I did) on some putty, let it dry, then did it some more until it was a little higher than the frame then sand papered it down to match the rest of the frame.  Then I took a square of sandpaper and folded it in half and used it to sculpt to match the frame.




?????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????



Then I painted the mat with paint I had on hand (the mat had some warping but again, FREE), cleaned the frame and glass on both sides, put the pic back in and spray painted the frame in the aged bronze, cleaned up the paint spots on the glass with Goo Gone and hung it up!


??????????????????????????                                    ??????????????????????????

??????????????????????????The chipped corner was on the bottom left.  You can see some warping in the bottome right, this pic really makes it show but in ‘real life’ you can’t see it that much.  Not bad for free.  Its hanging on my stair well.


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