Carring a Decorating Idea Through Several Seasons

Hello to anyone who stops by!  We are all snowed in here in the Boise, Idaho area.  We had a snow day and my hubby happened to schedule a day off so he didn’t have to go to work.  My Girls,(chickens) wouldn’t even come out of their house until the snow was brushed off!  I’ll introduce you to them one day.  They are so much fun!  I thought I would show some pillows I made for fall, even though it seems like winter.

Fall is a fun time of year and I went all out last year, decorating tables and putting leaf everything everywhere.  It has been very busy this year and I decided to go small with fall decorating and I have decided I really like it.  A little here and a ittle there and use what I have was my theme.  I made these two pillows and I really like how they turned out.  The big leaf pillow, I already had the fabric and a purchase of a cute girls sweater from the thrift store for $3 made the small one.  I used the basic backing for these which makes pillow making so much faster.

1.  I laid the front square piece pattern side up, got some cheap muslin and rough cut two pieces to where they overlap each other and folded them in a little, pinned it, used the picture side as my guide to sew, that would make the muslin side underneath as I sew, and the pins too but I pin so far in I don’t have to worry about getting it in the sewing machine

2.  Sew all the way around, NOT worring about any openings along the edge, then I go over it again all the way around to have secure seams

3.  Turn it inside out and TA-DAA, you have a pillow!

I use CHEAP pillow inserts for the seasonal pillows.  I bought regular pillows at Walmart for under $3 and mark where I want the size, cut off the top and sew it back together, right across the top, no need for tucking it in or making it look nice.  I works really good and makes for  a CHEAP pillow insert

??????????????? ???????????????

I like some décor that you can leave up for a while, like the knitted pillow I made.  I paired it with fall but I can replace the leaf pillow with a Christmas pillow and after Christmas I can pair it with a ‘Wintery’ pillow for January-February.  For this pillow, I did the same idea but added a backing of muslin to the front to give the knitted look some stability.  I just sewed it on then followed the same instructions from above.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I also used the same method for the pillow insert.  With this method, you can make all kinds of pillow sizes.


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