Living Room Before and After

When my son was born, six years ago, we had only lived in our house about 2 years.  I really truly believe it takes at least 5 years to really get ‘settled’ in.  I had little organization going on, especially how and where to store toys, I’m horrible with paperwork but getting better, and had little idea of how to decorate.  All I knew was that our house had great potential and I determined to enjoy the journey.  Well, about 3 years after he was born, I discovered DIY blogs and I started to see our home and my crafty personality in a new light.  Our ‘entertainment’ center, AKA an old dresser caught my eye at a garage sale I was helping at.  This was after I had been checking out DIY blogs for a few months and a light bulb went off…DING!  It had truly N-E-V-E-R occurred to me to use a dresser for anything other than a dresser…in a bedroom. We got a free TV, as you see in the pic, but….it didn’t fit into our big bulky entertainment center, I was so sad (not really) to get rid of it.  But, that left us with using our coffee table to hold the TV until we found something.  I think this lasted almost a year… ????????????????????? ????????????????????? As I was helping at the garage sale I sat and stared at this dresser and my wheels turned.  Then I measured and the dresser was an exact fit.  So for $25.00 I was off on an adventure.  The exact fit was great until I forgot to include the base boards…so I got help taking the side boards off and then it was an exact fit.  I took off the pulls, sanded ( I never would have sanded, I just discovered B-I-N primer with polyurethane in it, works WONDERS! ) then primed with some KILZ and bought the best Valspar from Lowes (just tried some Benjamin Moore and LOVE it) in Birch White.  I discovered the great challenge of getting brush lines to go away.  I just did another dresser and learned several things I will share next week–HUGE tips. I added some cute molding/trim along the top, took out the 2 top drawers and nailed some boards in to make room for media players, added molding/trim to those and molding/trim to the bottom.  I just jused wood glue and it worked great, hasnt’ come off yet.  Then ordered some new hardware off E-bay, a French style.  The screws were too short so had to drill in with a bigger drill bit to get them to fit, I would recommend going to the hardwared department to get longer ones.   So with 4 coats of paint and having to decide to accept some brush strokes and adding new hardware, I was done.  it took me a couple of weeks but I was pretty happy with it. . ????????????????????? ????????????????????? ????????????????????? ???????? ???????? So after adding the ‘entertainment’ center, I added curtains, two garage sale chairs: ???????? and bought slip covers for them, a side table from the thrift store and spray painted it, got a new slip cover for the existing couch (sure fit stretch) and making pillow covers for the old pillows, a chair from my Grandma and Grandpa (it is black, in the back left corner), a coffee table for $25 that was painted bright blue: ??????????????????????????(here it is after sanding a bit), and thrift store side table, spray painting a lamp and adding new lampshades, a small lamp from the thrift store (it was brand new from Target) a new area rug, over three years…………….. and a lot of patience and using my birthday and Christmas money……………………..this is what it looks like now: ??????????????? ??????????????? ??????????????? ??????????????? I’m very proud of it, even though it doesn’t look perfect like this every day, I have noticed through my efforts and struggles, I can pick up and clean my house quite fast these days. I now have storage with the ‘dresser turned entertainment center’ and the baskets under the coffee table. Yes, there are still toys showing here and there, but it is so comforting and relaxing and am pound (the good kind of proud : ) ) of my home and efforts. (I’ll show you what is hanging on the wall to the left one day soon, it’s a love/hate relationship  : )…)

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