Hot Chocolate Station on Easy Handmade Serving Tray

I have to thank The Wood Grain Cottage for this project. I didn’t come up with it on my own but I have shown it to several people and have come up with ways to tweak it. I have to warn you, this was my second one, the first one didn’t make it. I had problems with the screws being too short that came with the handles, but a nice Lowe’s employee helped me and made it much simpler.

What you will need:

A round board (these are found in the wood section of Lows and I used the larger one)

two drawer pulls

Wood Stain (used Early American)

soft foam cushions

Wood filler (may or may not need)


Sandpaper and/or fine steel wool (personal preference)


1. I realized I like to decide where the handles go first and drill the holes. Some of the wood wanted to chip off so you may want to add some wood filler if it will show. Also not all the wood is perfect, this is personal preference so you may want to ‘touch up’ some places if you want it perfect.

2. Sand–This is personal preference and I lightly sanded this one but on another one I did that I did, a square one, I sanded the edges and used steel wool to make it really smooth.

3.. Stain (the FUN) part. I just LOVE to see the wood transform! Follow the instructions on the can and add as many coats as needed to the desired look

4. Wax–all kinds so if you buy stain Min Wax had some. This seals the stain and makes it look a little shiny.

5. Add the handles and some soft cushions with sticky backs, peel and stick (to protect from the screws) and TA- DAAA!

So I made a prettly little Hot Chocolate Station:


These are absolutely beautiful and unique. I am making one for a gift but using a rectangle from a board. I will post it later. Everyone I show has Oohs and Ahs over it.

???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

I don’t like the light switches showing but, oh well, and the little dresser is a $10 dresser from a garage sale that I will post about later, it is primed and ready to paint, but not sure what color and where to put it.

I made the tea towels.  Bought the towel at Craft Warehouse 4 for $10 and then a fat quarter for about $2.50.  I cut the fabric in a strip (I got 2 strips of 7” wide and used the full length from the fat quarter).  Washed all of it, cut, ironed the folds to hem the edges, pinned it on and sewed around the edge using a pretty stitch on my sewing machine.  I would have used red but didn’t’ have it at the time.  I used these as gifts and added a gift-tied a pretty bow in the middle and added a gift card with them.


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