Hello!  My name is Jaime, I am from the Boise, Idaho area, a proud native.  I love to be creative.  We have been in our home a few years now, it is on the large side but we planned it that way to have lots of family and friends welcomed into it.  That said, it has been overwhelming thinking about decorating and making it look nice.    I wasn’t much of a decorator or organizer and still struggle but I discovered the world of decorating blogs 3 years ago and WOW did that change my life!  I got brave and started thinking outside the box.  I began a quest to make my home a haven, a place to find comfort.  It has been a struggle but slowly it is transforming.  I recently had someone over and they said I need to come to their house to help them decorate!  I thought… me????  So, I am sharing my quest to maybe inspire someone else out there like others have inspired me.   My life verse has been Matt 6:21 -Where your treasure is your heart will be also.  Our homes don’t just hold the worldly treasures but the eternal treasures as well:  love and family.  This verse has also helped me keep my perspective of making sure I focus on the most important treasures not just finishing a painting project : ).  When Jesus was talking to Martha (when she was complaining to Jesus about Mary not helping out in the kitchen), He told her that Mary was doing the ‘one thing needful’…sitting at His feet.  So if you haven’t ‘sat at his feet today’ make sure your heart is seeking the right treasure.  I find that when I do that, I get so much more done and an inner peace helps me face the day.  God Bless and I hope you enjoy the treasures I have discovered and learned along the way.


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